Silvercillin Spray by Designs for Health


Silvercillin™ is a highly effective antimicrobial preparation composed of pure silver complexed with purified water. This is best as a topical or as a throat spray in addition to SilverCillin liquid. We don’t recommend just the spray if using for immune support because you will not have enough over time. You can check out the liquid here: SilverCillin liquid. Silvercillin™ utilizes revolutionary technology to produce silver nanoparticles small enough to enter a single red blood cell. This breakthrough allows the Silvercillin to travel through capillaries, the tiniest of the body’s blood vessels [1]. These particles are believed to be effective in bolstering the immune system and providing powerful support for overall health and wellness [2].

Great for many uses:

  • *A broad spectrum antimicrobial
  • *Anti-bacterial: it’s been shown to inhibit and/or kill harmful bacteria including MRSA, salmonella, E. coli and more
  • *Anti-viral
  • ….Does not interfere with other antibiotics or encourage “superbugs” and does not harm good bacteria); also good to “mop up” resistant pathogens left behind by other antibiotics
  • *Anti-yeast, mold & fungi

Silvercillin Spray can be used to prevent plaque build-up in the mouth as well as against Candida-thrush in the mouth. Also available as a liquid or gel for other uses.

Silvercillin™ is an incredibly highly powerful, non-toxic form of silver, with zero build-up in the body, so it does not cause argyria (blue man syndrome). One bottle has 4 fl oz (118 mL) liquid.


Silvercillin Spray is a highly effective antimicrobial1 composed of pure silver complexed with purified water. Silvercillin Spray utilizes a technological breakthrough allowing for the production of a silver particle small enough to enter a single red blood cell, enabling the silver to travel through capillaries, the tiniest blood vessels in the body. This allows nanoparticle silver to inactivate viruses at the cellular level by blocking their replication docking sites2,3 Also, Silvercillin Spray uses technology that permanently distributes the mineral into the structure of the water, so it will not fall out of solution or suspension.

As a result, the pure silver in Silvercillin Spray has been shown to provide a whole host of health benefits, from killing drug-resistant bacterial strains to inhibiting viral replication as well as stimulating stem cell production. It can be safely used orally with no known side effects.

Benefits of Silvercillin Spray may include:

  • Broad-spectrum antimicrobial capable of killing many pathogens, even those resistant to antibiotics*
  • Can be used internally -non-irritating to mucous membranes*
  • May be useful for infections of any kind*
  • Anti-inflammatory (inflammation is often caused by bacteria, virus, or mold)*
  • Does not encourage resistant microbial strains*
  • Does not interfere with antibiotics and may actually increase the effectiveness of specific antibiotics*
  • Spares good bacteria
  • Faster healing via stem cell stimulation*
  • Non-toxic, even if used multiple times per day for weeks
  • No known side effects or contraindications; safe for all individuals*
  • Immune system support*

Mechanisms of action

  • Catalytic action
  • Viral disruption
  • Resonance frequency that kills mold, bacteria, etc. same as air/water purifiers
  • Redox reaction & selective binding to pathogens
  • Stimulates stem cell production


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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.