Tegricel Colostrum by Designs for Health


Tegricel Colostrum (60 capsules) utilizes advanced technology to provide powerful colostrum that promotes optimal immune function and intestinal health. It delivers a well-balanced blend of immune and growth factors, such as immunoglobulins, amino acids, and essential nutrients.


Mother knows best! And she knows that colostrum could make a difference with your immune system! Colostrum is produced by mothers for their newborns that supports the immune system, and Tegricel Colostrum comes from cattle in the United States from USDA- and FDA-certified dairy farms to produce high-potency colostrum. Colostrum has been used by a variety of cultures for healing and overall wellness throughout the years. Colostrum can help with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Crohn’s disease, Celiac and Ulcerative Colitis. Don’t suffer any longer–grab your Tegricel Colostrum now!

Colostrum contains immunoglobulins, immune-supportive compounds in higher concentrations, and nutrients to support the growth and immune function of ultra-sensitive newborns. Tegricel Colostrum contains a minimum of 40% immunoglobulin G (IgG), which is involved in both passive
immunity and modulating the adaptive immune system. The nutrients in colostrum is different from milk made later in lactation, and almost all critical nutrients have higher concentrations in colostrum than in more mature milk.

Tegricel Colostrum by Designs for Health offers potent colostrum that supports immune function and intestinal health. It is produced using advanced technology and sourced from nutritionally supplemented cattle on USDA Grade A dairy farms in the U.S. Here are some of the benefits of Tegricel Colostrum:

  1. Immune Support: Tegricel Colostrum contains immune factors like immunoglobulins that help strengthen the immune system and fight off infections.

  2. Gut Health: Colostrum has been shown to promote gut health by improving gastrointestinal function and reducing inflammation.

  3. Nutrient-rich: This colostrum supplement provides a perfect combination of immune and growth factors, including amino acids and other important nutrients.

  4. Overall Wellness: Colostrum has been traditionally used for healing and overall wellness.