Tri-Butyrin Supreme by Design for Health


One bottle has 60 softgels.


Do you have gut issues? Have you already tried probiotics and / or prebiotics and neither seems to work? Try Tri-Butyrin Supreme to get your gut and immune system back on track! Many are realizing that probiotics are transient and that postbiotics are useful in colonizing an inflamed gut1. This new revolutionary product approaches gut and immune health in a new way as it modulates gut flora, promotes colonocyte health, and supports proper gut permeability.

Being classified as a postbiotic in relation to prebiotics and probiotics, Tri-Butyrin Supreme gets right to the point and consists of the main desired byproduct of beneficial probiotics, butyric acid. Butyric acid is commonly found in dairy and fermented products, but it is now available in an even more advanced and potent form as tributyrin with Tri-Butyrin Supreme. The exclusive formula, CoreBiome, is a broad application compound composed of tributyrin which is a fat compound (similar to triglyceride) consisting of three butyrin acid molecules bound to one glycerol. Tri-Butyrin Supreme is also able to make it to the colon to produce its beneficial effects compared to other postbiotics which are degraded before reaching that point.


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