Twice Daily Multi (60 caps) by Designs for Health


Twice Daily Multi 60 capsules


Two multis a day keep the doctors away! Want to increase your health and decrease those doctor’s visits? Designs for Health’s Twice Daily Multi is going to keep you healthy so that you can enjoy the things you love every day! The Twice Daily Multi has vitamin A, increased vitamin D, vitamin E, increases vitamin B12, B vitamins, minerals to help with optimal absorbability, and minerals to help regulate heavy metals in the body and zinc metabolism. We have put our Twice Daily Multi, Calcium Malate Chelate, Magnesium Malate Chelate, and the Omega Ultra Marine Softgel in convenient Twice Daily Essential Packets to make it simple to take the basics every day. Think of taking Twice Daily Essential Packets as your daily commitment to great health! This package comes with 60 capsules.