Vitamin D Injection

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Want to feel like your old self again? Whether you have been told that you are low on vitamin D or you just feel fatigued, depressed, have muscle weakness, or pain a vitamin D injection can be just the trick to getting your mojo back. Why get a shot? You get rapid results and bypass the digestive system.

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Why We Love It

Did you know that vitamin D isn’t a vitamin at all?! It’s a type of fat-soluble hormone produced by the body. As the sun’s rays are absorbed into your skin your body converts it into vitamin D. However, lots of us don’t get nearly enough vitamin D.  Sunscreen, too much time spent indoors, or pollution and cloud cover all impact the vitamin D you get. You may have done a vitamin D test and been told by your doctor that you need a supplement or you may have symptoms that let you know that you are low. Either way, vitamin D supplements, and injections can really help. Call or text 925-280-4442 to schedule or read on to learn more.

If you don’t get enough vitamin D the diet can also help but for most people, it’s not enough. Vitamin D supplements come in two forms:

  • Vitamin D2 (ergocalciferol)
  • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)

People often mistakenly think that they do the same thing but Vitamin D3 does a better job at raising the blood levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D can be taken in pill form or through a Vitamin D shot.

What Are Vitamin D3 Shots?

We deliver vitamin D3 through intramuscular injection. Which is a fancy way of saying that the shot goes into the muscles. This means vitamin D3 gets into the bloodstream right away for maximum absorption. We can also inject other vitamins this way and this is especially important for people who may have digestive issues as you can bypass the digestive system altogether.

We start by cleaning the injection site, which typically is the deltoid muscle in your arm. Then, we inject vitamin D. Some people may feel slight discomfort after the shot, but it should go away soon, and you can still go about your normal activities.

Vitamin D3 Injection Benefits and Uses

These injections can enhance your well-being because vitamin D is so important to the body. Among the potential benefits:

Strong bones 

Vitamin D helps prevent brittle, weak bones—and lowers the risk of osteoporosis that can occur as a result—because it helps the body absorb bone-building calcium. Too little vitamin D can cause bone pain, as well as muscle weakness, in a condition called osteomalacia.

A healthy heart

Vitamin D may provide crucial support in maintaining healthy blood vessels (which may lower high blood pressure) and lowering cholesterol (to cut the risk of atherosclerosis, plaque buildup on blood vessel walls).

A responsive immune system

Vitamin D may be helpful with immune support in warding off the germs that can cause colds, flu or other illnesses. It may also be effective in alleviating symptoms of inflammation caused by autoimmune diseases.

Elevated mood

If you are struggling with mood disorders such as depression, vitamin D may help; some research indicates a link between low blood levels of vitamin D and depression symptoms.

Cognitive health

Researchers have found that the brain has many vitamin D receptors, and it’s crucial not just for developing babies’ brains in-utero but also for maintaining cognitive function throughout life.

Diabetes and weight loss support

Low levels of vitamin D have been linked to obesity and diabetes. Eliminating a vitamin D deficiency may help manage diabetes symptoms and enhance weight loss efforts.

There are many vitamin D shot benefits, and some people are better positioned to take advantage of them, particularly those who are deficient in vitamin D. The following may contribute to a vitamin D deficiency:

  • Lack of sun exposure to naturally produce vitamin D
  • Advanced age, as the ability to make vitamin D decreases as we get older
  • Fat absorption disorders such as celiac disease or Crohn’s disease
  • Darker skin tones, which don’t naturally produce as much vitamin D

Should I Get a Vitamin D Injection?

It may be wise to explore injections if you have been tested low by your doctor, have any risk factors for a vitamin D deficiency, or have symptoms of a vitamin D deficiency. Some signs of D3 deficiency, such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Weak bones
  • Weight gain
  • Sleep issues
  • Headaches
  • Depression symptoms
  • Digestive problems

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