No more need to worry about traveling throwing you off your game – we’ve got you covered. And not only the standard “eat this, not that” vacation guide – this is way more fun than that! Everything from the best floaties to where to buy the best travel sized make up samples to packing your own booze, and even some business travel tips too for good measure!

Whether for work or play, spending any length of time living well out of a suitcase can be tricky. Team Cambiati’s own Rebecca used to travel 75% of the time for her job (that’s a lot). We thought with summer nearly upon us, we’d share some of the best tips she discovered while earning her Road Warrior stripes. As you can probably imagine, she knows a thing or two about a thing or two…

“As a former travel warrior and keynote speaker I’ve learned a few tricks along the way. Even if you don’t rack up the miles there are some great items in here to keep in your travel kit. You don’t need a ton of stuff, just the right stuff.”

#1: Mess-free headphones I always need my headphones with me! But not just any headphones – good ones that don’t tangle in my purse. I was always the gal with a long cord wrapped around everything in her purse, frantically trying to untangle them without dropping about 1,000 other things in the process… until I found these. They’re great for listening to the movie on a plane, work in most phones, plus the retractable cord keeps you organized. No more tangled, scary mess in your purse! These are my favorite. 

#2: 4-in-1 retractable car charger This is a must for any travel warrior. This is a wall charger and a car charger all in one handy package. It also has a retractable micro USB that you can keep just with your travel stuff so that you don’t ever have to worry about forgetting to pack a charger again (unless you have an iPhone in which case I would buy and extra universal cord and keep it in my travel items.) Having a car charger is bulky but lots or rental cars don’t have the USB chargers yet so it comes in really handy!

#3: The best jewelry organizer I know – this isn’t the most attractive jewelry case out there, but it keeps everything organized! Little compartments for different items and it doesn’t take up a lot of space. I never take a trip without it and often give them as gifts.

#4: If traveling for business, the best presentation pointer Whether you are a keynote speaker or not it is always great to be the person in the room with a pointer that works on any computer with just connecting the USB drive. You never know when you can be the hero for someone else or when you are going to go up to present and the batteries die on someone else’s pointer. Never get caught off guard and be ready to look professional at any meeting or presentation. This is my favorite one.

#5: Bring the right accessories No, I’m not talking about purses and shoes. Allow me to elaborate…

My boyfriend and I always pack an extra suitcase for our floaties, booze, picnic accessories… It saves us a ton of time and money, plus we can hit the ground running when we arrive, and don’t waste any time looking for what we need. This is my absolute favorite floatie – I highly, highly recommend it. (just don’t forget the pump!)

For our picnic stuff I always pack disposable bags, cutlery, one sharp knife (don’t leave that in the carry on) and plates so that we can enjoy picnics. The trip will be less expensive and you won’t come home feeling like you’ve ruined all of your hard work. Call us and we will happily save a free cooler bag for you, including as many ice packs as you can carry!

Plus, having picnic gear and eating our own breakfast and/or lunch means we can see more of wherever we are (not just the interior decorating at all the restaurants in town). Yes, nice meals in a restaurant are great, but eating out every meal takes a lot of time we could be out doing something more fun. Having a few picnic meals -either outside in a nice setting like a park or even just in our room or on the balcony – is one of our go-tos for a successful vacay.

PaleoBars are wonderful for a clean mini-meal on the fly, whether traveling near or far. Jerky’s great too – stop by our office for grass fed, paleo beef or chicken options.

While I’m away from home, I do my best to keep up with what works. I know that a good breakfast is crucial for my day – I love my PaleoMeal DF shakes so I sometimes bring powder portioned out in little baggies, then add liquid and shake it up in my blender bottle. And of course I bring my PaleoGreens so I feel just as good on vacation as I do at home.

I don’t want to go off the rails simply because my geography changes. Continuing with routine (no matter where you’re waking up) means fewer needless decisions, and more energy for the important decisions that can make or break you. If I eat well for breakfast and lunch, it’s not such a big deal to have a nice dinner out.

I also like to make my own drinks and I often pack my own alcohol because it is so much less expensive and I can make drinks upon arrival. Have you heard of Wine Diapers? (awesome name) They’re great to pack booze in your bag, or if you buy wine on your trip and want to bring it home safe.

For my upcoming trip to St Martin, I’m even bringing pre-portioned C+BioFizz and Xylitol (and of course my own tequila) for our delicious CambiatiClean-ish Margarita!  Every hotel has an ice machine and glasses for you to use – so use ’em! And this goes without saying, but do not forget your Detox Support Packs if you’ll need them. Be a good friend and throw in a few extra packs for your travel companions, too.

And to make sure you enjoy as much time possible, you know – enjoying your vacation – the easiest packing and unpacking you will ever experience is with this gadget. It’s especially amazing if you are doing a multi-location trip. Travel shelves that just go in and out of your suitcase – awesome.

My favorite facial care company also makes sample sizes which are really convenient. You can order them and keep them packed for the next time you travel.

Speaking of staying on your regular schedule when you’re away from home“¦ Don’t let unfamiliar surroundings throw off your digestive tract. Keep things running smoothly with ColonRx. 

Bringing your supplies with you doesn’t have to be heavy or take a ton of space in your luggage. Get little containers (we found these at the Container Store) and then relax knowing you’ll have supplies if needed. Throw some jerky or a few bars into your bag for the plane ride and boom – you’re done!


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