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Product Care & Returns

Supplement Care

Your supplements take care of you, so take care of them! Keep them out of heat and light. And if you buy probiotics keep them cool. If you are ordering the food powders, like PaleoGreens, PaleoReds, or C+ BioFizz, you can keep them in the fridge but it is not necessary. Designs for Health products do not have anti-clumping agents in them, so natural clumping may occur. Just break apart with a spoon!


Return Policy for Products and Programs

Due to the delicate nature of products we cannot return them. We keep our products at certain temperatures and make sure they are not contaminated when they are in our company. Returning products could mean they were tampered with or were kept at different temperatures that then make them ineffective for other clients. If you have an issue with or a reaction to a product please give us a call! We can give you new ideas to use them as well as alternative uses! Thank you for understanding!

Our programs are good for 6 months after purchase. We do not refund programs, but if you follow our program and don’t get  results, we’ll be happy to give your money back, guaranteed! If you are interested in taking part in the Cambiati Guarantee then you must journal daily, share that with a coach, & have followed the spirit of the program.

Please notify a Cambiati member at the beginning of your class series if you want to participate in our guarantee. Results vary, but we do want to ensure you have an amazing experience! So, while we don’t guarantee a specific result, we do guarantee that you will have a body composition change if you have weight to lose. We will do our best if you commit to do your best. We are confident that you’ll be super satisfied with your results!

If you have any questions or need support...