Many digestive issues can have similar symptoms—ie. gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, or general IBS. 

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It’s hard to know what’s going on unless you check underneath the hood, so to speak—and check the gut microbiome. Things like dysbiosis (an imbalance of the good and bad bacteria), dormant or active gut infections, H Pylori (which can contribute to things like acid reflux), leaky gut, low gut immunity, poor digestive function, and more could all be discovered with gut specific testing.


Our digestive system is our body’s security guard and first line of defense, allowing in beneficial nutrients and keeping out harmful invaders. The protective lining of our digestive system can be weakened from things like antibiotics, stress and processed food. When that happens the gut can become a breeding ground for parasites, fungus, yeast, infections and more—super gross, we know.


We love our gut microbiome test, which identifies microbes that could be causing abnormal microbial balance and contributing to a variety of different symptoms. The gut microbiome is an intricate system that has trillions of bacteria. These bacteria can affect everything from immunity to mood to metabolism. By doing this test and the personalized recommended protocol many clients have experienced great relief. Our clients have recovered from embarrassing and uncomfortable digestive symptoms that have decreased their quality of life and in some cases been debilitating.


Want to learn more about your poop and get to the root cause of your gut issues? Schedule a complimentary breakthrough session to learn more about our gut microbiome test. It has changed the lives of countless clients, and we know it could change yours!.