Don’t you want to be “poo-phoric” too?

Last week Julia was teaching a Week 5 class and people were talking about what they wanted to continue with after the cleanse finished. One person shared how happy she was that she was “regular” for the first time in her life and loved using ColonRx during the cleanse. Her comments opened the floodgates and suddenly everyone in the class was talking poop. Several people shared having dealt with years of GI issues, like IBS and Crohn’s. One woman said:

“I no longer go several days without going to the bathroom. It makes me feel like a normal person!”

Now – you’d think a roomful of relative strangers wouldn’t be so candid, but the “poo-phoria” was obvious!

Now even if you’re not accustomed to being constipated or having issues in the BM department, it certainly behooves all of us to take a few moments to consider what happens during our personal “toilet time.” Yes people, it’s time to talk turd.

Leave your “ick factor” and any misplaced embarrassment at the door. Or maybe you’re the person who’s already giggling after seeing the word “poop.” Poop. Poop. Poop! But seriously, healthy bowel movements are crucial for optimal health, and we want to talk about what we should all be aiming for, as well as what the absence of it can tell us.

Did you know stool is mostly water? Plus fiber, bacteria (alive and dead), old cells and mucus. So yes, it’s waste, but just because we flush it right down the tubes doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve our attention.

Bristol Stool Chart

What to Do for Better Poo

Remove gluten and dairy from your diet. Eat CambiaitClean – that means lots of whole foods and little to none processed ones.

Boost gut flora (happy bacteria) by eating naturally fermented foods (find raw sauerkraut near the tofu at a health foods store, NOT the shelf stable stuff made with vinegar), kefir (if you tolerate dairy) and/or a probiotic supplement. Cambiati Instructor Julia swears by Probiotic Supreme and won’t take any other probiotic on the market.

Make sure you’re getting enough fiber – shoot for 30+ grams per day. Add PaleoFiber to your shakes, eat veggies at every meal, throw flax or chia into your smoothie (or toss over a salad).

Stay hydrated with tons of fresh water. Aim for ½ your body weight in ounces each day. Don’t count caffeinated beverages toward your total.

Exercise, exercise, exericse. Even if it’s just taking a quick walk or doing some stretching, a daily constitutional can do wonders for both BMs as well as mood, energy, mental clarity and, duh – your body composition! The goal is to do it consistently.

Address stress. Don’t be an “uptight” “tight-ass”! MagCitrate is great to help you relax before bed, and the Magnesium (the relaxation mineral!) also helps promote regular bowel movements. That’s called a win, win, stress ball!


And the shining star of the “help in the poop department”? ColonRx. It’s been a crowd pleaser since we made it a core product during the cleanse, and many folks continue taking it even after their 28 days are over. Prone to constipation or irregular BMs? Give it a try!

Thankfully, many GI issues can be resolved (or at least better managed) with changes to diet and lifestyle, which is why so many of us choose to live CambiatiClean most of the time after the cleanse. Our bodies are happier! If you’re still struggling, check in with us. We’re here to help.

Happy pooping!