At Cambiati Wellness, we strive to support you in creating and living your healthiest and happiest life! Thats why we offer a wide range of programs that are comprised of our fundamental Cambiati Wellness Principles. These principles include Eating, Drinking, Cleansing & Detoxifying, Exercise and Self Care. Self care is a fundamental part of all of our programs and we love sharing new techniques, tips and activities for you to try.

This week is all about dry brushing!

  • What is dry brushing?
    • Dry brushing is the process of using a brush with stiff bristles against the skin to help  enhance blood flow, exfoliate dead skin cells and boost the lymph system.
  • What are the benefits?
    • Lymphatic support
    • Exfoliation
    • Cleans pores
    • Increases blood circulation
    • Detoxifies the body 
    • Feels great & can boost energy
  • What type of dry brush should I use?
    • You want to use a natural stiff-bristled brush. Some bristles are stiffer than others, and it depends on your skin’s sensitivity and preference. Some brushes come with a detachable handle and you can use the handle to help in reaching your back.
  • How to dry brush: The method
    • Always start at your feet and brush upward toward the heart. You want to motion against the skins natural flow to stimulate opposite movement. When you get to your arms, begin at the hands and work upward towards the heart. Use firm, small strokes upward, or work in a circular motion (depending on what feels most comfortable for you). For the stomach, work in a clockwise direction. You can repeat the motions for 5 or more stokes.
  • When should I dry brush?
    • The best time to dry brush is just before a shower. Its a great addition to add on to your shower routine and can take as long or as little time as you like! Afterwards you can wash off any dead skin cells and flaky skin while you shower. Bonus: Alternate between hot/ cold in the shower for extra circulatory benefits. 
  • Warnings:
    • Dry brushing is not recommended for people with sensitive skin or skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and excessive dry skin, as it can aggravate the condition—and also cause often painful irritation
    • Never brush over skin that is broken, which includes cuts, scrapes, lesions, sores or burned skin, including sunburns


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