The temperature of our food directly affects our bodies and in certain situations, warm foods are better for our health than a cold salad.


Warm and cold foods affect our bodies differently


The term cold food generally refers to raw foods, such as a fresh salad. It can also include food taken right out of the refrigerator. All cooked foods fall into the warm food category. Warm and cold foods affect our bodies differently.


  • Cold foods make our bodies work hard.  Our body must burn extra energy to heat cold food to our core temperature so that digestion can begin. Even after they have been heated, cold foods tend to slow digestion and nutrient absorption.


  • Warm foods help our bodies to conserve energy and strength. Our bodies adjust easily to warm foods because their temperature corresponds closely to our core temperature. Warm foods allow our bodies to expend less energy on digestion and absorb nutrients more quickly. They are also easier on our digestive tract as a whole.


Warm foods contribute to better health especially during winter

We should prioritize eating warm foods during the winter and anytime that we are struggling with digestive problems. This will strengthen our overall health because our bodies will be able to: 


  • Focus their energy on high-priority tasks – All the energy that our bodies save from digestion can be redirected to more important tasks, such as keeping our temperature stable in cold weather and healing.


  • Absorb a greater amount of nutrients –  Warm foods give our bodies extra nutrients that can increase our energy, strength and overall health. This health boost is vital during periods of recovery, as well as during winter when we are exposed to a greater number of germs.


Caution: Don’t overcook warm foods

Overcooking any food, whether fresh produce or meat, destroys nutrients. All warm foods should be cooked just until done and then removed from the heat so that you receive maximum benefits from their nutrients.


Fun Fact: Science proves that warm foods give us more flavor and satisfaction than cold foods because warm foods release tantalizing aromas. These aromas trigger more of our senses and give us a fuller experience. Now go enjoy some warm Mexican Quinoa Stew or perhaps even a fresh slice of Paleo-style Pumpkin Pie.