Halloween is fun for kids but parents end up doing damage control for weeks afterwards… 

Were talking about the extra bowl of leftover candy, the sugar rush and the cravings that can’t disappear. The battle over “just one more piece”….and the start of the holiday seasons have officially begun!!

There’s tricks, there’s treats, and there’s treats that have no tricks. 

Ditch the mass marketed bags of junk….who likes to follow the crowd anyways!?

Here are some of our upgraded halloween favorites. Made with all the fun and flavor and without dyes or fake ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Smart Sweets

These satisfying chewy and sweet treat is contains no artificial dyes or coloring and contains a whopping 23 grams of fiber per serving!!

Swedish fish, gummy bears, sour worms and more- smart sweets are the smartest options to keep halloween bright! Grab your variety pack of these chewy candies-Here


These chocolate pumpkins are the perfect decadent treat to get you in the spirit without the sugar! Their spooky and fun halloween themed packaging is perfect for the little kiddos, those few trick- or treaters and they will never guess there’s zero sugar.HERE


Dr. Johns
Lollipops, chocolate chews, taffy and more! Dr. Johns was created by a dentists with healthy teeth and kids in mind! Contains no sugar but all the flavor and sweetness.

HU Chocolate 

Chocolate made with high quality cacao and coconut sugar means these decadent bars will hit the spot without spiking your blood sugar!  

With fun flavors like Orange Dream, Mint, Almond butter and Salty, Hu chocolate is our go to chocolate brand! 

They also have chocolate covered almonds and cashews.. what more do you need!?

We’ve got just the sweet treats for you!

We are fully stocked on HU chocolate and Dr. Johns  at Cambiati Wellness. Come by for Cambiati Approved treats your entire family will love!

Call 925-280-4442 or email info@cambiati.com to reserve your halloween candy. 
While supplies last.