Spring has officially sprung! The hills are green, the wildflowers are blossoming, and the birds are chirping. After a cold and dark winter, spring is the perfect time to refresh.

Many ancient health philosophies such as Chinese medicine and Ayruveda celebrate spring as a time to detoxify the body for a renewal of energy. Spring cleaning doesn’t only have to be about your cluttered garage, it also is about refreshing your mind, body, and soul.

Did you know your body is naturally detoxing every single day? It’s your liver’s job day in and day out to clean out both toxic waste and needed nutrients from your food and move them through your blood. However, during the colder months it’s not uncommon to choose comfort foods over a big plate of crisp salad and veggies. Even if we are eating foods we believe to be pure, there are still toxins in our body whether it’s from the chemicals sprayed on to our produce or the potent hormones injected into animals. After months of poor nutrition choices, your liver will become sluggish and could use some extra support. Proper cleansing will result in more energy, focus, and glowing skin.

Follow these steps to enhance your body’s detoxification process and feel squeaky clean this spring!

  • Incorporate seasonal produce to enhance detoxification:
  1. Dandelion leaves and root are considered a cleansing tonic that work as a natural diuretic to purify the liver and gallbladder. Try incorporating them into a salad or into your morning shake.Our nutritionists love making Dandy Blend daily for a warming caffeine free pick-me-up.
  2. Asparagus is a prebiotic rich food, meaning it feeds healthy microorganisms in the gut and assist with digestion and a create a healthy microbiome. Similar to dandelion (which is also a prebiotic rich food!), it is a natural diuretic. It is very low in calories while being full of vitamins and minerals. Enjoy them in a salad or as a side to protein and fiber rich grains.
  3. Artichokes are one of the top antioxidant foods out there for its ability to absorb and eliminate free radicals. They are very high in fiber which will help keep digestion on point. Skip the canned artichokes and instead buy them fresh and steam them to enjoy their pure goodness.
  • Detox from technology in the evenings- Instead of sitting in front of the TV or scrolling through your phone during the evenings, set a few hours to be tech free! Did you know blue screen can decrease the likelihood that you’ll get a good sleep? Give your eyes and your mind a break and enjoy journaling or reading a magazine or book.
  • Drink extra water- when you are detoxing, it is essential to drink tons of water to support your liver and flush all the gunk out. Herbal teas like ginger, peppermint, and turmeric are also great choices to help you hydrate while having additional healing properties. Boil ginger and turmeric root and then drain and sip throughout the day (feel free to add fresh lemon and a dash of cayenne pepper for an extra cleansing tonic)!
  • Spring clean your pantry- toss out or donate all those comfort foods that have gotten a little too comfortable in your pantry. Refined snack foods like cookies, chips, crackers, sugary canned drinks and cereals have got to go! Focus on stocking your fridge with fresh veggies, fruits, and proteins and loading up on whole grains, nuts, and seeds as pantry staples. With the warmer weather, spring is also a great time to start doing your produce shopping at farmer’s markets. You’ll not only save money but also support local farmers while purchasing delicious organic goodness (win, win)!
  • Sweat it out- what better way to flush out toxins than a nice cleansing sweat? With warmer weather, outdoor hikes and bike rides are a wonderful way to enjoy nature while being active. Along with working out, a sauna and steam room will also help you to sweat out toxins and make your skin glow.
  • Sign up for a cleanse! Although the CambiatiCleanse is a terrific resource year-round, let us support you through a 28 day cleanse to kickstart your spring cleaning and shed those winter pounds. We’ll walk you through all the tips and tricks that will elevate your body’s detoxification process. Call us for our upcoming class schedule!