At Cambiati Wellness, we like to say your number 2 should look like a number 4!

What does that mean? The shape and consistency of our stools say a lot about our health. In fact, there’s a whole chart (the Bristol Stool Chart) devoted to them and what they each mean. We break it down for you here:

bristol stool chart

At different times, we all have likely gone through all 7 types (and then some!). But number 4 is generally what we want to see on a regular basis—a smooth, long-ish, well-formed snake-like stool (sounds weird, we know—but trust us, this is the dream poop ?). Even better if there are no breaks and if you have a clean wipe (TMI?)! Those are all great signs that we’re digesting our food properly, likely absorbing well and that we’re eating food that generally agrees with us.

This is so crucial to our overall health because when we’re constipated (which is when we’re not going every day or straining to go), toxins are hanging out in our bodies way longer than they should. We want food in and out relatively quickly, taking out waste products with it. We want to support our bodies with detoxing on a regular basis.

How can we help bulk up our stools, and move our bowels easily and regularly? Get plenty of fiber, water, and eat bulky vegetables daily—preferably with skins on (which is why organic is important).

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