emojis of smelly poopYou know you’ve snuck a sniff of your poop—and if so, we’re here to tell you that’s totally normal. But smell is an unreliable sign of your gut health, as it can vary widely depending on what you’ve recently eaten, and it’s hard to really accurately determine a health concern based on a subjective factor like smell.

However, if your stool smells super pungent, metallic and/or like tar, it could indicate an infection or a potential GI bleed. Having said that, after a fatty or heavy meal, we all know our poops can be a little…stanky.

Sometimes extra smelly poops can indicate that you’re not fully breaking down your food, may have fat malabsorption, or potentially some food sensitivities that would be beneficial to address.

Cleaning up the diet is a good place to start, since food and substances like alcohol, sugar, refined carbs, fried foods, and dairy can wreak havoc on our guts and cause poor digestion, and therefore, stinkier stools.

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