Poop—we all do it, most of us don’t like to talk about it, or even admit it! But at Cambiati Wellness, it’s practically a religion. We discuss it amongst ourselves, our clients, our pets—you name it. Why the passion around poop? Well, it says so much about the state of your gut health and your digestive prowess—super important as a portal to your overall health. So, how do you know if your poop is healthy or not? Welcome to our mini series on this topic (we won’t blame you for reading it in the bathroom—or at least in private!).

We’ll be starting with a focus on color. If you thought poop was just simply brown, think again. It comes in many shades, and they all clue us in to something going on deeper in your body.

Here’s the breakdown of what various stool colors COULD indicate (if you have one of these unusual colors, we recommend seeking out a doctor’s opinion ASAP):

Brown: Normal. Minor color changes are typically due to diet and are nothing to be concerned about.

Red/bloody: Bleeding is something to check in with a doctor about. Ask about conditions like diverticulosis or a lower GI bleed, or possibly hemorrhoids.

Green: Crohn’s disease could be a possibility to rule out. Eating extra amounts of green veggies or taking iron supplements can also cause a greenish hue.

Cream or white: Consider gallbladder disease/issues, pancreatitis or pancreatic cancer. Less serious causes can be related to taking certain medications. A liver or gallbladder issue can also prevent bile from being released—bile is essentially what turns poop brown, so a lack of it can make it look pretty pale.

Black: An upper GI bleed could be happening. Certain medications, supplements and some darker foods can also cause a darker bowel movement.

Who knew poop could have such a rainbow-colored spectrum? If your stool is off, let us know—we can help. And if you want to learn more about your poop and get to the root cause of your gut issues, schedule a complimentary breakthrough session to learn more about our gut microbiome test. It has changed the lives of countless clients, and we know it could change yours!