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"The Shift" with Sarah Wayne, CN

Learn to let go of fear, frustration, and feeling stuck. Discover your passion, live an abundant life, free of financial worries & full of excitement.

From Money Fears to Money Freedom

Mommy Makeover: Live Your Passion

Achieve Happiness in Relationships

Get Unstuck: Feel Energized Again

  • Are you sad that your relationship lacks passion?
  • Now that the kids are older are you seeking “what’s next” in life?
  • Do you feel like you’ve “settled”?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed, tired, stressed and “stuck”?
  • Do worries about money keep you from changing your life?

Demanding family obligations, jobs that don’t fulfill, frustrating relationship dynamics, financial struggles, never having enough time, lousy eating, gaining weight…

So many people are living far less than their dreams. And not only that, but they feel like absolutely nothing can change the situation.

I get it! it can be difficult to imagine that it’s even possible to change some things – much less figure out how to change and then make the impact that you want.

It can seem easier just to settle and accept things as they are, even if you are unhappy and dissatisfied.

Maybe things in your life are okay. But deep inside you know it could be better. Or you feel off, something isn’t quite right, but you are not sure exactly what it is.

Many people are unhappy or living lives that don’t truly fulfill them, making choices based on fear rather than what will energize and support their passions.

Are you one of them?

Feeling subtly (or not-so-subtly) dissatisfied or unhappy with life often drives people (especially women) to unhealthy behaviors, like excessive spending, unhealthy eating, drinking too much, not sleeping, or worse.

While something like a shopping spree or sugar binge can seem to help in the moment, they leave us worse off, and no closer to solving our problems than before. You know this is not serving you but you just can’t stop.

Many people feel too overwhelmed to even consider how they might change their situation. It feels like you are too busy to eat healthy. You just settle for a relationship that lacks passion because nothing you do seems to work or are too tired to put in the effort. You settle in a job that doesn’t fulfill you because it’s too hard to find another.

What if it wasn’t hard? What if you could have lots of time? What if it was easy and effortless to get everything that you wanted out of life?

What if….?

Making the decision to lift the veil and even imagine that your life could be different, much less that you could experience your best and highest self, living your authentic dreams is not always easy. That is why I am committed to support you on this journey.

  • If you feel called to something bigger…
  • If you have been thinking you need a change but don’t know what it is…
  • If you feel out of control with food…
  • If you are having financial challenges…
  • If you are stressed out about our country’s future
  • If you want your life to feel easier…
  • If you want to greet the day being excited, passionate and optimistic

This journey is not for everyone.

This is NOT for you if you want to stay in the complain and blame cycle. It’s not a right fit if you are not committed to your growth and self improvement. This is not for you if you are unwilling to take action. And it’s not for you if you are afraid to “play bigger” in your life.

I see your potential. I see your greatness. Do you?

All the Love,

If you are ready for what’s next in your life then it is time to join

“The Shift”!

You have the power to change your reality.

Live With Passion

Transform Your Life

Achieve Happiness

They Changed Their Lives, and You Can Too


Thinking guides your actions.

I wanted to get back into a healthy routine since I was gaining weight and wasn’t exercising. I knew what I was supposed to do but just wasn’t doing it. 

Sarah talked about how not only would she provide information on nutrition but would also work on mindset. Instead of saying “Oh I gotta do this” I was able to learn how to center myself and pay attention to what I want which leads to a more receptive plan of action. I discovered that it wasn’t about how I ate but rather it was about how I thought.

I feel like Sarah is different because of the way she approaches the process. She gets into how you think and is very intuitive. This approach has made me connect to the program and apply it for incredible results. I’ve worked with other practitioners but I have never moved forward as quickly! Sarah is scary good!

Once you get in the right state of mind it’s easier to start taking the right actions. It was easier to do the cleanse then it was the first time since my thinking was aligned with what I am doing. Last time I did the cleanse I gained weight because I told myself, “Ok I’m done,” and went back to eating and doing the things I did before. With Sarah I was just able to easily do things that seemed hard or even impossible before.

I was also surprised that the work was so much more than help my health. I was  able to take what I learned from Sarah and apply it to helping my business. ” – Karan

“Sarah helped boost my confidence!

I’m grateful for the email I received from Cambiati Wellness that talked about feeling stuck and needing change. It felt like perfect timing!

I was skeptical on how everything would turn out before meeting with Sarah. I’ve had experience’s with healers in the past where I wouldn’t come away with anything. They weren’t connecting with me during our sessions. However, I went to a session with an open mind and guessed that she would figure out what I needed. I still didn’t know how she could help me but by the first session I already could see the change!

Thanks to Sarah, I felt a boost in confidence. That boost translated to things going better for my business. I was finally able to realize that I had control over certain thoughts. The focus that Sarah did with changing my mindset helped me get there.

Sarah is a caring, peaceful and life changing individual. Her ability to connect with others is a real inspiration and really helps create a clear process that you can stick to. If you are really looking for a major life change then go to Sarah! I personally think it feels even better than therapy.” – Alison

“I started working with Sarah about a year ago and my life has changed in the most amazing ways. I hardly have words to describe how different my life is now…

Before I worked with Sarah I was always saying, “I don’t have enough time” and “I don’t feel supported.”I had a very challenging relationship with a family member and was called as a witness in a very nasty case against a friend in a corporate law suit. I felt overwhelmed, frustrated, and like there was no way for it to change. I tried different things to shift things in my life myself but nothing worked.

I went to my first session with Sarah and two hours later I repaired a relationship that had been broken for two years! I can’t explain how it happened but it felt like a small miracle. My relationship is as strong as ever a year later. I felt lighter and grateful.

A few months later after doing the Intuition Activation calls with Sarah I found that I was surrounded by a dedicated team to support me and my clients. I felt supported and more relaxed.

On top of all of that, I also had an unexpected financial windfall in my finances, my business started growing, and I had more free time than I had had in years! I felt abundant and free.

Now it doesn’t feel like, “there isn’t enough time.” Instead it feels like everything happens as it should.Now things fall into place in shockingly perfect ways.Now when I say I want something, it shows up in my life…even when what I want is big.Now things feel easy and effortless.I am still amazed at how my life is every day now and I am so grateful to Sarah for her amazing work
that helped get me to this place.” – Rebecca

Ready to change your life? Join us for The Shift!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is.” – Albert Einstein
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