Hello Friends!  It’s your Joyful Health Maven Melissa here!  I am SO excited about my new pre-workout regime I cannot wait to share it with you!

Have you ever dragged yourself to your workout class yawning, feeling exhausted and wondering how in the world you will make it through?  That used to be me before every workout.  I felt exhausted just getting myself to the gym let alone having very little energy throughout my workout.

Well, that ALL changed with two simple products that I now add to my water just 30 minutes before my workouts.  I went from feeling sluggish to literally feeling like Wonder Woman!  My energy and performance increased without the side effects of that “speedy” feeling or “sugar high” rise and crash that you get from certain supplements and sports drinks.  So my fellow caped crusaders, please meet my two new side kicks PreTrain NRG and Ribo-Carniclear.

PreTrain NRGPretrain NRG Designs for Health, Energy, workout energy, preworkout, pre workout

This pre-workout formula comes in a powder form that you add to your water and consume ideally 30 minutes before your workout.  This little piece of magic supports focus, power and mental energy that all athletes (and superheroes) need!  Tyrosine, acetyl-carnitine and caffeine are what contribute to this superpower.  Whether you are walking the reservoir, weight lifting, barre class, running, whatever, PreTrain NRG will also support your workout recovery and helps reduce fatigue.  *Note: if sensitive to caffeine, use sparingly for evening workouts.


Did you know that Ribose and Carnitine are crucial nutrients for heart health, energy and muscle recovery?  Add this to your pre-workout cocktail for superhero energy.  Carnitine specifically increases your energy levels by using fat for energy, which can increase fat loss while maintaining muscle.  This liquid super power combined with your PreTrain NRG above is the ultimate secret weapon!  So, if you want to increase your energy, strength, focus and support your post workout recovery while you are out saving children from walking home, making dinner and balancing everyone’s crazy schedule, then this is for you.

Ribo-CarniClear Designs for Health, energy, workout energy, burn fat, fat burning, pre workout, pre-workoutHow do I use these supplements together?  It’s super easy!  They go together like Batman and Robin all in one water bottle.

  • Ideally, 30 minutes prior to your workout fill up your water bottle (approx. 20 ozs)
  • Add 1 teaspoon of PreTrain NRG (the powder form)
  • Add 1 /4 tsp of Ribo-Carniclear (the liquid form)
  • Add ice if desired
  • Shake, consume and throw on your gold arm bands and get ready to attack the world….or at least that treadmill in front of you!

Come in to Cambiati Wellness to purchase these super powers or you can always purchase online.  Please share your comments below on what workout you did after consuming PreTrainNRG and Ribo-Carniclear and what super hero powers you experienced.  Until then, this is Wonder Woman signing off!