cheering woman open arms to sunriseIf there’s one phrase we all utter far too often (besides “I’m so tired”) it has to be “I’m so busy.” Life seems to be all rushing around, from one thing to the next, eating on the run, constantly frazzled and stressed.
We have so much stuff some of us even have to rent more space just to store the junk we don’t use but can’t imagine parting with. And then of course – out of sight, out of mind – we promptly forget it. Plus we have so little time that we can’t even enjoy what we have. Don’t you think this is all connected?
So, people of the world – unsubscribe. Unsubscribe from emails you don’t read (as long as it’s not ours!). Unsubscribe from friends and relationships that don’t fill up your love tank. Unsubscribe to overbooking yourself, to overcluttering your house and your life.
Order is intensely pleasurable. Cleaning out your closet can inspire an almost sensual satisfaction. It’s getting there that’s the hard part.
      Tip: If you need help, our own Ann Walker is a local lifestyle expert who helps people organize their lives and she. is. awesome. She’ll hold your hand going through the painful process of parting with the “treasures” we all burden ourselves with and will guide you to organizational Nirvana. Interested? Call our office and we’ll get you hooked up with her for a consultation: (925) 280-4442.
And if the impending “Ahhh” zen moment isn’t enough to start you on decluttering your vida, did you know that studies have shown that clutter actually tires out the brain? Imagine this: you’re looking around your bedroom and there’s stuff everywhere. You may think it doesn’t bother you, but your brain is actually digesting and translating what your eyes are seeing. Order in your living or working space can be a game changer.
      Tip: Check out this “ultimate flow chart” for cleaning out your closet brought to you by the folks at Vogue (so you just know their closets are overstuffed).
Unsubscribe to filling your mind with thoughts that don’t serve you. Old ways of thinking, negative self talk. 
And of course – unsubscribe from filling your body with food and drink that drags you down. It’s not just about putting your body through the wringer but the connection between what we eat and how we feel can be mind boggling. Mood, energy, whether you wake up on the wrong side of the bed each day – all of that can improve when you put premium fuel in your gas tank.
That’s why we’re so gaga about eating well – your whole life is better when you’re treating your body well.
Ready to remember what that feels like? Join us for an upcoming cleanse!