Ladies ‘n Gents… It’s Time to Get Back on that Horse

Sometimes we know what to do – we just feel like we can’t do it. We know it can be
hard to stick to our healthy lifestyle plans (even we on TeamCambiati aren’t perfect all the
time!), but one of the most important skills to learn is how to get back on the horse. Is it feeling impossible to get started on your own? That’s where we come in. (Cue superhero music…)

And don’t waste any time thinking you’ve “failed” – our most successful clients don’t come to the cleanse once and never return”¦ On the contrary! Our most successful clients have repeated the cleanse several times. Do you “fail” at getting in shape because you continue to go to the gym? Ummm”¦no. That’s how you get fit! Same with your healthy lifestyle habits. We’re like trainers for your nutrition, and coming in for weigh ins or a class is like exercising your healthy habit muscles.

Do you have any Detox Support Packs left in the cupboard? To reap their antioxidant, liver-loving benefits, you must USE them! Twice a day – one packet in the morning, one in the evening. (PLUS if your system is all tox’ed up they’ll likely help you snooze better, too!) Don’t “save” them for the good days.

          More Ways to Get Back on Track 

  • –Take us up on a FREE consult with our nutritionist and we’ll help create an action plan for you! Call us at (925) 280-4442 and we’ll get you set up. (Offer good through Sep 15, 2014 and subject to availability)
  • –Do a mini cleanse at home with PaleoCleanse (your last cleanse binder will have the directions under “Beyond Day 28”).
  • Weigh in package: use our scale and get access to our expert advice.
  • –Take a cleanse class.
  • –If you only have energy to focus on a few principles, use the following 3 tips as a guide.

When most folks decide they’d like to drop a few pounds, they’re usually thinking it’ll be a painful process. Or that it will be expensive and require a lot of time (or all of the above). But it doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve put together our top 3 tips that help you do 3 awesome things at once: lose weight, save time and boost your energy.

If you’ve taken a class with us, you might have already heard what we’re about to say – but are you actually DOING them? Are you sitting there thinking to yourself: “I know what to do, I just can’t do it”? If so, keep reading! (And if not, keep reading)

          TIP #1: Eat the right amounts of protein and fat in the morning

Why? You’ll snack less throughout the day and actually feel satisfied (so you won’t dig in the cupboards for your hidden snacks). You’ll also have better, more balanced energy AND make better food choices for the entire day.

What about weight loss? Eating the right balance of macronutrients throughout the day (and at the right intervals) is crucial for effortless fat loss. The key here is the right balance FOR YOU. It doesn’t mean going overboard on unlimited eggs and bacon – but it also doesn’t mean going for fat-free Greek yogurt and expecting that to work either. Think Goldilocks”¦ juuuust right.

If you don’t know what your perfect balance of fat and protein is – you need to come see us. We’ll help you get on the path for the hormonal balance you need to not snack between meals (plus getting your fat-burning machinery running nice and hot!).

PLUS”¦ try it on your kids and you’ll won’t have to do all the short-order cooking for the snacks your kids won’t need – leaEggs-in-a-Basket-freeimage-1460928.jpgving you with more time and energy. Score!

Quick ideas for protein + fat combos:

  • –Hardboiled egg(s)
  • –Carrots/hummus
  • –Egg salad – try swapping out the mayo for hummus. It’s totally…yummus! 
  • –A protein shake with PaleoMeal DF like this delicious Strawberry Lemon Basil shake, or a PaleoBar – great for the whole family!

          TIP #2: Sleep!

Sleeping is a no brainer for having more energy. Expending some energy preparing for sleep is time well spent.

Need a refresher on why sleep matters for weight loss? If you don’t get enough sleep, your hormones get thrown out of whack, and the hormones that keep your appetite in check are confused. Translation? You don’t register the “off” switch when you’re eating, plus you crave higher sugar and fat foods. (Not to mention all the high glycemic foods that normally don’t seem as tempting.) This is a vicious cycle – but once you’re off the roller-coaster, the sun shines brighter and you bounce out of bed feeling restored and rested!

We know, we know – simply “getting more sleep” can feel pretty darn impossible when you have a family and a job and about a zillion other things to do (unless we added more hours to the day, right?). But what we CAN do is to focus on the quality of the sleep we have time to get.

How do we do that? Cut out some common offenders and structure your day in a specific way.

First step: say sayonara to alcohol and caffeine. Yes, seriously. It may sound painful right now, but come on – so is attempting to live happily on 4-6 hours of sleep a night.

For lots of people, a nighttime tipple seems like a good thing since it seems to help you fall asleep, but in reality it negatively affects the quality of the sleep you do wind up getting. If the glass of wine before bed is how you stay sane, what about StressArrest and a warm bath instead? There are countless other ways to take some “you time” and honestly, the best ones don’t involve something you need a corkscrew to open. This is another reason we love our classes so much – they’re the perfect place to share what works with other folks working on your same goals.

Caffeine is a slightly different
but another beverage that deserves some attention when we’re talking about energy and sleep. Like a bad boyfriend, caffeine makes us feel awesome – for a while. Then it drops us right back down, lower than before, and we’re left searching for anything to make us feel good again. Sugar, more caffeine, refined carbs. No thanks! The breakup might be painful for a bit, but that’s what Detox Support Packs are for. And just like dumping that bad boyfriend, you’ll feel so much better without it
in your life!

More special sauce: Stop eating 3 hours before bed.

Sound impossible? Refer to Tip #1! The right portions and timing are key. Forgotten what that means? Come back to a class or take us up on that FREE consultation with our nutritionist to get things back on track.

Closing the kitchen 3 hours before bed helps you get better sleep AND helps balance your hormones to support fat loss. No brainer.

If you need extra help in thSleeping-Owls-dreamstime_s_11850794.jpge sleep department, we can also help identify some stellar supplements that are not addictive, do not cause sleep hangovers and are all-natural (but most importantly – they’re effective!).

The takeaway: Sleep and eat strategically (remember, timing and portions are crucial) to help you with weight loss AND energy! (Plus you’ll save time when you don’t have to sneak a nap under your desk, or go downstairs for yet another latte. AND your friends will return your texts again since you’ll stop boring them with “ugh I’m soooo tired” messages.)

And if you’re serious about easy weight loss, better sleep and more energy  – skip the booze and work on reducing your caffeine intake.

          TIP #3: Test for intolerances and avoid known “baddies”

Ever eaten something small and gotten big-time bloated? Chances are you consumed something your body wasn’t crazy about. We’re big proponents of testing your own body to know once and for all what works and keeps you feeling good, and what doesn’t work – and makes you feel bloated, tired, icky (or worse!)

You can test your system to figure out if something you’re eating isn’t working so well for you – and it’s a skill we can teach you! If you’ve tried Blueprinting before but gotten”¦um”¦ “sidetracked,” you’re not alone. It can be tricky to figure out food intolerances. But once you learn the basics, you’re good to go. It’s honestly one of the most important things you could learn about your body – and a great way to ensure effortless maintenance of your weight or weight loss goals in the longterm.

How this can help with energy: staying away from foods that drain your energy and negatively affect your sleep is a no brainer.

How this can help with weight loss: we can’t tell you how many people have come to us for a class and said “I eat healthy but can’t lose weight.” Or “I work out all the time but nothing changes.” So often a large part of the  “answer” is eliminating so-called “healthy foods” that hold people back from losing weight because they’re not the right foods for them.

If this has gotten your attention – come in for a class and we’ll refresh your memory about how to test yourself for food intolerances. Or if you remember how to do it, we highly, highly recommend getting a weigh in package to monitor your results with us. We can help unravel the tricky results you get, as well as provide the support so Blueprinting doesn’t turn into an all-out feeding frenzy!