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Intuitive Energy Healing with Sarah Wayne, CN

Nutritionist | Intuitive Healer | Coach & Speaker

Intuitive Nutrition for Vitality & Success

Join Sarah Wayne, CN for a life changing experience!

  • What would life be like if you naturally gravitated to the right foods?
  • Are you struggling with your body?
  • Do you know what is healthy but just aren’t doing it?
  • Perhaps your sensitivities or allergies are awakening you to changes needed?
  • Is how you feel going after your bigger vision?
  • Would you like to be done with struggle & difficulty?
  • And finally get some answers that make sense?

Sarah believes the most valuable awareness someone can have is to ‘Know Thyself.’ Through activating your intuition you know exactly what you need, when you need it! Sarah unveils critical steps to open up the power of intuition so you can be free of cravings, frustration of not being able to fit into clothes & finally loving your body again.

Learn to let go of fear, frustration & feeling like a failure with food. Discover how to love what’s on your plate & still lose weight. Learn exactly what simple changes will make the biggest difference. Get ready to embrace your body & finally experience success! Finally throw out the “fat clothes” for good.

We can help you:

  • Manage weight & energy
  • Do meal planning & provide tasty, fast recipes
  • Go to the grocery store with you
  • Introduce you to superfoods and how to use them
  • Help reduce inflammatory conditions
  • Provide guidance for your family, children & teens
  • Identify food intolerances / sensitivities
  • Manage healthy blood sugar level
  • Assist with recovery from serious illness
  • Help build immunity & prevent illness


What people are saying

“Sarah is honest, loving, present,
respectful, and genuine. She not
only is skilled in her knowledge
of nutrition, but she sees the
“body’ as a whole and
incorporates all areas of the body
to bring a person into the fullness
that they are!”


“Working with Sarah was very powerful and healing. She tuned into me as a whole person and helped me to see myself in a positive light as I worked to make changes in my nutrition. Sarah is a warm and intuitive person and made me feel comfortable discussing my struggles with eating and weight. I felt safe with her.

I wanted to go “all in” so I purchased a package which included one-on-one counseling, coaching calls and energy healing. I got something different and helpful out of each aspect. Some days, I wanted to dig deep and get some answers about healthy eating; other days, energy healing was just what my body needed.”


“Sarah is engaging, passionate, and very knowledgeable. Our employees connected with Sarah and after implementing what she taught they experienced fantastic results with more energy, losing weight, better mood, getting out of pain, and so many other great health improvements!”


Discover what’s been holding you back

Good for those who have not worked one-on-one with Sarah Wayne, CN or done a breakthrough session previously.


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