I get it, you walk into Whole Foods and you just heard that turmeric is the new “superfood” so you wander down the supplement aisle to check it out.  You read labels and the benefits sound AMAZING! “Cleanse your liver. Increase brain power. Get to sleep & lose weight in a little pill AND MORE.”  So you grab it off the shelf and take your first caps the next day. But that supplement might do more harm than good.

But there is a dirty little secret that the supplement industry doesn’t want you to know. Most of them are complete fakes. That’s right, they don’t work and could even cause your health more harm.

Recently, the New York State attorney general’s office found that major retailers including Walgreens, Target, Walmart, & GNC carried supplements that were falsely labeled. These herbal supplements didn’t, in fact, have any herbs, but instead only contained cheap fillers like powdered wheat, rice, and beans, and even peanuts making it extremely dangerous to those with allergies.

This state attorney’s test focused on store brand supplements, which tended to be the cheapest option. Frustratingly, all herbal supplements are exempt from the F.D.A.’s safety  approval process unlike prescription drugs under federal law. This makes it very difficult to ensure that the supplements you choose are reliable.

We understand that it can be scary when you see brands that you thought you trusted being recalled or in trouble for lying about what is in them. If you’re already taking vitamins and supplements you are on the right track, but you always want to be able to trust what you’re putting into your body. So, when you’re looking to pick out the right supplements, it can feel overwhelming. You may just pick the cheapest option on the shelf.

What about all those fillers, dyes, sweeteners? Do you know that research shows some kinds of folic acids are linked to cancer? Do you know that some Vitamin E can be harmful? Do you know whether your fish oils is a trigyceride form or an ethyl ester? One of those doesn’t work the way you want it to and most fish oil is rancid before you even get it! What’s hiding inside your bottle?

Although vitamins should be a part of your life, nothing can substitute for eating a diet filled with nutrient-packed foods. Vitamins should be supplemented to a healthy diet and lifestyle, not replace it. Think of vitamins as your second-string team that help to fill in the gaps when the first-string players, your food, doesn’t complete the game.

 The ladies of Team Cambiati have you covered by ensuring all our supplements and vitamins are of the highest quality. All the supplements we sell are third-party verified to be pure. This means that an uninterested testing company has confirmed that the supplements are free of contaminants and contain what is on the label.

We believe nothing, but the absolute best should go into our bodies, so you better believe we would want the same for our clients. Trust issues are NO MORE!

Our most successful clients use supplements to support and enhance their healthy lifestyles. Some of our best selling products that you may be familiar with include: Nutragen Vanilla Protein, Nutragen Digestion Plus Fiber, & C+ BioFizz.

Other best selling products that may be new to you include:

If you are curious about whether a supplement is contaminated, has the right ingredients, or if you want to start a vitamin routine then contact Cambiati Wellness for a Supplement Review Session with one of our experts.