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We’re fanatics about quality!

Do you know how your supplements stack up?


ConsumerLab failed 75% of plant-based protein powders dues to contamination or additional sugar not being labeled. 4/14/13

We’re obsessed with quality, especially when it comes to the nutritional supplements we use ourselves and recommend to others. This topic is near and dear to our hearts. We recommend (and use ourselves) pharmaceutical grade supplements to fill in any gaps and optimize our health.

We know there’s a dizzying number of possibilities out there – and with claims for everything from weight loss to eternal youth – we understand the allure. If you’re like us, when you go to the trouble of selecting and using something (and, let’s be real – spending money), you want to be pretty darn certain that it’s worth it. Not all nutritional supplements are created equally.

We choose Designs for Health products because they are Pharmaceutical Grade. That means that processes are in place to ensure supplements contain the amount of active ingredient specified and does not contain adulterants, toxins, heavy metals or contaminants.  Designs for Health has its supplements tested by a third-party and posts them on their site for transparency and as a commitment to quality. Further DFH manufactures their nutritional supplements with clinical outcomes in mind – their doctors and scientists use research studies to guide the levels of vitamins and nutrients included in their products.

How do you know if the nutritional supplements you were taking don’t contain what their labels claimed?

Or that you are not getting the benefits you had thought?


Tips for choosing an effective supplement:


  • Shop at Cambiati.com where the products are third-party verified.
  • Steer clear of bargain prices. There’s a reason it’s so cheap – and there’s likely a discrepancy between what the label says and what’s inside. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Look for a high quality pharmaceutical grade supplement company like Designs for Health
  • Look for the third party verification & confirm that the third party is not the same as the manufacturer
  • Have a CambiatiCoach review the ingredients
  • Lots of well established companies that you are familiar with don’t pass independent lab testing so if you aren’t sure go to ConsumerLabs.com to check or look for pharmaceutical grade supplements
  • Ensure that nutrients are combined with the right cofactors and are in the right amounts to ensure that it is effective


Unfortunately, there isn’t enough regulation around nutritional supplements (though this is slowly starting to change) and what you see isn’t always what you get. Nutritional supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA, so it’s crucial that the products you use are of the highest quality, and that they come from a reputable source. We highly recommend DFH supplements because their commitment to providing consistent quality is backed by scientific testing.


Have a question about the quality of a supplement? Call 925-280-4442 or email info@cambiati.com for a supplement review.