At Cambiati Wellness we believe in supporting you in living a lifestyle full of wellness! A lifestyle of wellness occurs when your habits and daily actions support your health goals. One step and one choice at a time can lead to the biggest results and the healthiest YOU.

This week we are featuring one of our favorite tools for rest, relaxation, stress & pain management: Float Therapy! 

Float therapy is also known by the clinical name of R.E.S.T., or Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy. “Floatation Therapy”, “Isolation therapy,” and Sensory Deprivation Therapy” are common ways to refer to floating. 

We know this can sound scary but trust us, there is nothing out there like floating!

You enter a space filled with 180 gallons of epsom salt water that is more buoyant than the Dead Sea. While floating and after floating the benefits you can expect are as follows:


-Improves circulation

-Howers blood pressure and heart rate

-Relaxes and soothes the body


-Stress reduction

-Increased creativity

-Euphoric feelings


-Deep relaxation

-Easy meditative state

-Achievement of theta brain states


Luckily, for our local clients we are fortunate enough to have a spectacular floating center located in Walnut Creek. 

Check out their website for more information and schedule your first session today: