Written By:

Quinten Lawrence, Saint Mary’s College Junior, Health and Fitness Advocate

In the world of 2020 people know many ways of optimizing their health, from a healthy diet to working out, to consuming an adequate amount of water per day most people try to hit these marks. Sometimes though people may miss something that they least expect, they still suffer from the pesky gas after a meal, an intense bloating or feeling of soreness after consumption. Perhaps the biggest item of health optimization that many people miss in their quest for the best health they can achieve is their gut. The gut is one of the most important things in the human body and serves to help the body as one of the first lines of defense in monitoring the influx of nutrients and the defense of invaders. This defense can be weakened by things such as processed foods and stress, two mainstays of many people’s lives today in the world. 

This is where the GI-Map test comes into play, acting as the “second line of defense” for the body. When the gut microbiome is weakened it needs to be strengthened once again to be fully functioning, but first, one must take this state of the art test in order to determine exactly what is wrong. The tricky and unique thing about the gut is that everyone’s is different based on their individual diet, stress, workload, and inner structures of their body. 

The good thing about the GI test is that it uses DNA strands in the body to correctly identify the good and bad bacteria that are present in the body at the time, ranging from pesky opportunistic pathogens to fungi and parasites that can lead to sickness. The exact science behind the test is as such, oftentimes cultures are gathered in order to conduct the test. These though can be susceptible to decay after a short period of time and may not provide an accurate reading. Instead, individual DNA strands are collected and separated in the stool sample. This then allows for the discovery of even the tiniest and nastiest bacterias that may have accumulated in your gut over time. 

How do you know if getting this test will benefit you in the long term? Well, that’s quite easy! Almost everyone can benefit from the data supplied by a GI Map test that is looking to achieve their optimal brand of health. More specifically though patients that suffer from any condition such as an autoimmune disease or acne can greatly benefit from this test.

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