From bone broth, facial serums, and collagen lattes, it seems like collagen has been everywhere the past year. With the continuous flow of new health products, it can be overwhelming to decipher which ones are actually legitimate and worth your money. So, lets break down all the hype about this buzzy product, collagen!

We’re all born with collagen in our bodies. It’s the most abundant protein within the human body and is responsible for producing healthy and strong hair, skin, and nails. Collagen forms strong fibril strands that act as building blocks for our bones, connective tissues, skin, and more. Although there are many types of collagen within the body 80-90% of it is type I, II, and III. Type 1 is important for bone, teeth, and skin formation. Type 2 collagen is mostly known for its’ structural support in cartilage. Type 3 is found in skin, muscle, and blood vessels.

Although we’re each born with plenty of collagen in our bodies, by age 30 our bodies production of collagen slows down by 1-2% each year. As we age, maintaining healthy amounts of collagen in the body is so essential not only for skin, hair, and nail health but to ensure our joints and bones remain strong.

This is where supplementing with collagen can really benefit us. Many adults, elderly in particular, don’t consume enough daily protein which is vital to so many functions within the human body. The richest forms of collagen are animal skins, bones, and tendons which aren’t typically eaten amongst Americans. By supplementing with collagen, your body can digest protein that will support normal body collagen renewal. Dietary collagen supplements are composed of a structure of amino acids that are very similar to those in the human body. Hydrolyzed collagen also known as collagen peptides, are small enough to easily be digested and absorbed in the bloodstream.

Supplementing with collagen has been shown to not only improve skin but reduce joint pain and swelling for those with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Collagen also can help to improve gut health by protecting and soothing the digestive tract lining for those with leaky gut syndrome, irritable bowel symptoms, and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Although the benefits of supplementing with collagen is hopeful, not all supplements are created equal. Its so important to always ensure the supplements you buy are third party tested to avoid any toxicity. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, you’ll want to be cautious of where the collagen is being derived considering its typically from animals. If you do decide to buy collagen sourced from animals, you want to ensure it is high quality and from a reputable brand. At Cambiati Wellness, we now carry Whole Body Collagen powder which studies have shown to improve muscle strength and lean mass, reduce blood pressure, and improve skin elasticity. It comes in a powder form that can easily be blended into tea or coffee, shakes, non-dairy

milks, soups, and so much more. The best part is that one scoop contains 11 grams of protein and is tasteless, making it easy to increase your daily protein intake while providing your body with nourishing collagen. What makes this collagen unique is that unlike other products, the research-proven collagen peptide blends within the product optimize absorption. Many collagen products on the market are formulated with different blends that aren’t as easy for the body to absorb making it not as effective as Whole Body Collagen.

At Cambiati Wellness, we also carry other products with collagen peptides that are designed to support tissue repair and joint mobility like Arthroben. This product is incredible for those suffering from arthritis to reduce inflammation and increase joint mobility. It comes in a powder formula that is designed to quickly be absorbed within the body to assist with healing joint pain. Arthrosoothe Capsules are also formulated with the healing properties of collagen as well as nutraceutical compounds including glucosamine sulfate, cetyl myristoleate (CMO), green-lipped mussel, MSM, hyaluronic acid, and niacinamide.

If joint pain isn’t a concern, we also carry a collagen product to optimize the health of your hair, skin, and nails. H-S-N Complete is a blend of vitamins and minerals in addition to collagen. H-S-N Complex is a powder formula to rebuild tissue and support hair, skin, and nail health.

Can’t decide which collagen product would work best for you? Give us a call to speak to one of our nutritionists!