When life gives you lemons, start your day with them!!

I am a big fan of drinking lemon water in the morning. I have been doing it for years and swear by it! Here are my top three Big Benefits of drinking warm lemon water in the morning:

Sliced Lemon Fruit in Glass Picher

1: Hydration!

After a whole night of sleep it is especially important to get up and rehydrate your body to start the day off right! Dehydration is a silent killer. Our bodies need fluids to carry out their basic functions and when the body isn’t flowing properly, our organs cannot do their jobs most effectively. This includes optimizing digestion, improving bowel movements and boosting blood oxygen circulation.

2: Great source of Vitamin C!

Especially during this winter season, we want to keep our immunity up. Drinking lemon water is one small step to take every day to stave off seasonal bugs. Lemons are abundant with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. One lemon can provide you with as much as 50% of your recommended serving of vitamin C (and you haven’t even had breakfast yet–go you!)

Yellow Lime Submerged in Water

3. Aids in Digestion!

Think of it as a warm shower for your insides! This drink wakes everything up!

Drinking warm lemon water in the morning is an excellent way to prep your body to start the day off with the sun in your cup! It wakes up your digestive system and helps to prep our organ for the detoxifying and digesting that’s yet to come.

Extra tips:

Lime Slices in Drinking Glass

Drink with an eco-friendly straw to protect teeth. My favorites include: https://hummingbirdstraws.com/collections/bestsellers

Set out a lemon the night before to remind you to slice and squeeze it first thing in the morning. Studies show it takes 21 days to form a habit! Start small one week at a time and soon you will be making warm lemon water a part of your daily morning routine!

Try adding herbs like fresh mint or grounding ginger for an extra boost!

Written by -Ilana Koka