New Year resolutions don't work

The first few weeks of every new year find gyms packed to the gills with optimistic
folks making these resolutions. And a few weeks in? Most of them have quit. Given up. Don’t be those people.

Be the one who actually accomplishes something this year. Get a kick start by avoiding these 4 New Year’s Resolutions Pitfalls…


#1: The resolution that goes something like this… “I’ll lose 30 lbs this January.” You set a lofty weight loss goal and expect to reach it in only a few weeks.

The Reality: It took time to wander away from your healthy habits and put on those extra pounds. The part no one wants to acknowledge? It also takes time to get rid of them. (Though considerably less time if you do it with us!)

And honestly, going at a healthy maintainable pace means you’ll be more likely to keep it off – which is the whole point anyway.

      #2: You make resolutions – but don’t write them down anywhere.

The Reality: First of all, you’re not alone. Lots of folks do this. But then again, lots of those people fail. We don’t want you to fail. So why do we want you writing down your resolutions?

Not writing them down comes from a place of fear. Fear you won’t accomplish your goal, fear you won’t succeed. Fear of failure. 

It’s also a way of weaseling out of your commitments to yourself. Along the lines of: “Who cares? I didn’t want it anyway…”

Writing things down cements your desire. Increases your commitment. Think about the difference between telling yourself “Gee, I think I’ll go to the gym tomorrow” versus writing it down in your calendar, packing your bag the night before and getting a calendar alert throughout the day reminding you what you’re doing after work. Writing it down makes it real.

Breathe some life into your resolutions. Increase your chances of actually accomplishing them. Write them down!

      #3: Making a goal (“I will save $500” or “I will lose 15lbs”) but not attaching any        date or time you aim to accomplish it by.

The Reality: Think back to your last large-scale project. Maybe it was writing an important proposal for your boss, or renovating your home. You didn’t just set out blindly, right? You most likely set up a timeline to help you actually do whatever massive thing needed doing.

Accomplishing goals takes planning. We know it can be scary. Hard. Intimidating.

That’s where we come in – to be your project manager and guide you along the way.

      #4: You make resolutions but don’t tell anyone. 

The Reality: This is a hard one. It’s human to feel vulnerable, and to want to hide out from the opportunities where others may see that. This is especially true when it comes to weight. By telling someone your New Year’s Resolution to say, lose weight, you’re forced to make light of something you’re not happy with AND along with that comes the possibility that you might not reach your goal. But there’s so much you’re missing out on if you keep it to yourself.

What are you missing out on? Support, for one. A helping hand. Someone to cheer you up when you need it, someone to quiet your negative self talk, someone to hold your hand when things seem bleak… and most importantly – someone to celebrate your victories when you make it to the finish line!

You’re also missing out on the opportunity to inspire others. To set a good example for someone who may not have faith in themselves or the belief that their change is possible too.

Be the change you want to see in 2015!

#5: Never Say Never

The Reality: When it comes to New Year’s Resolutions at least, Justin Bieber was right. Telling yourself things like “I’ll NEVER eat pizza again” just ain’t a good idea. One – because the inner 2 year old immediately wants to rebel, and two – because honestly, you probably will eat pizza again. Which is ok. Super strict, black and white thinking doesn’t work for most people. You have to find livable middle ground. Think that’s impossible? Come to a class with us and we’ll help you Blueprint (crucial in this middle ground business), and teach you how to feel sane around food.

Sometimes our clients are surprised when we tell them that we eat junk food sometimes – many people assume that we on Team Cambiati eat 100% clean, 100% of the time. But honestly… we don’t! That’s not what we’re about. Sometimes we can’t because there are no good options, and sometimes it’s a choice. That’s life. What you do every day is much more important than what you do once in a while. It’s about flexing your healthy habit muscles enough so that your healthy habits carry you through the times when you stray. And not losing it when you eat a slice of ‘za once in a while. 

When you’re ready to take the first step to being your best self this year, sign up for the Cleanse here. Not sure what to do or have some questions? Give us a call and we’ll walk you through your options: (925) 280-4442.