strawberry-cucumber-mint-shake_correct-watermark-242x300.jpg(otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this)

#1: You Skip Breakfast  Mom was right. It’s the most important meal of the day! Eating a good breakfast means you’ll set up your hormones to burn fat while you’re just going about your day all la-di-dah. Plus you’ll make better food choices since you won’t be walking around in hungry beast mode – not to mention potentially lowering your risk for heart trouble down the line. And no, a latte doesn’t count as breakfast. (sorrynotsorry)

Find yourself always thinking “but I’m too busy for breakfast…”?? Make like a Cambiati-ite and shake it, baby! Here’s our Chocolate Mint recipe – or try Strawberry Cucumber Mint. Hard boiled eggs also work great in a pinch (plus they’re available at lots of delis and stores); just remember to double up on veggies at your next meal.

#2: You’ve let a little  mountain of sugar/Kryptonite back into your life. We all do it. Stick our fingers back into the socket when we know we shouldn’t. The devil on our shoulder takes over and we do things we normally don’t. It’s ok. There’s a reason the whole “bad boy” thing is so hot (and so dangerous). It can be hard to stay away! But it’s much, much, much easier when you’re taking good care of yourself. When we’re already down in the dumps, it feels like – what’s one more cookie? I’m already “off.” But when your next beverage of delicious PaleoGreens is beckoning and you’re floating on Cloud 9… processed garbage has a whole other look. You know it’s true.

#3: Sticking your head in the sand and ignoring reality. C’mon. You’re smarter than an ostrich. There’s nothing to fear! We’ll get you back on track in no time – but we can’t help if you’re surfin’ down the River (de)Nile…

Get yourself to Class 1 with us – and we’ll do the rest! You can do this!